The Catholic University of America

What is the University's Compliance and Ethics Program?

In support of its mission and core values, The Catholic University of America is committed to conducting its activities with the highest integrity and ethical standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws and University policies. However, because the legal and regulatory environment is so complex, it often can be difficult to determine the right course of action. The Compliance and Ethics Program provides resources to use in our daily activities to help determine the right course of action and meet our ethical and legal obligations when acting on behalf of the University.  The Program, approved by the University's Board of Trustees, is administered by the Compliance and Privacy Officer, who reports to the Office of the President and the Audit Committee of the Board.

What resources are available to assist me?

1. Compliance and Privacy Officer - The Compliance and Privacy Officer is available to answer policy questions, assist you in avoiding compliance risks, and help you meet your compliance responsibilities. If you have questions about following the ethical course of action or need guidance for a specific situation, contact Vin Lacovara, University Compliance and Privacy Officer, at tel. (202) 319-6170 or CUA-COMPLIANCE@CUA.EDU.

2. Code of Conduct - The Code is the foundation of the Compliance and Ethics Program, and embodies senior management’s expectation that we all act ethically and in compliance with applicable laws and policies in all our activities on behalf of the University.

3. University Policies - Policies provide guidance for specific activities and transactions so that we act in accordance with applicable laws, and in a way that supports the mission and core values of the University. 

4. Compliance and Ethics Helpline - If you suspect a potential violation of law or University policy report your concerns to your supervisor, to the University personnel responsible for your area of concern (see the Compliance and Ethics Program Brochure), or to the Compliance and Privacy Officer.  If you are uncomfortable using these normal administrative channels, use the Compliance and Ethics Helpline to report your concerns anonymously. The Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at tel. (855) 350-9396 (toll free) or online at All good faith reports may be made free from fear of retribution per the University’s Non-Retaliation Policy.

5. Online Reference Tools - The Compliance Partner Websites and the Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse (CLIC) provide directories of laws and supporting materials organized by subject area and job title. Use these resources to identify the laws you and your department or unit are responsible for.   

6. Compliance Awareness Training - This mandatory training provides an introduction to common compliance risks, and provides greater detail regarding the resources listed here. The session is available online at Contact the Compliance and Privacy Officer if you wish to schedule an in-person training session tailored to the needs of your unit.  A full list of training offered by the Office of Human Resources is available at