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The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer for the Institution. The Provost has responsibility for ensuring Compliance with Internal Revenue Procedure 75-50 as described in the Board of Trustees Resolution of August 1999. This means ensuring that the non-discrimination statement is distributed broadly as set forth in the memo. (Print and online publications)

The Provost is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), which prohibits mandatory retirement of faculty.

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Faculty Legal Concerns

Law School Government Documents Librarian

Mullen Reference Services Librarian

Executive Director, Law School Institutional Advancement

Dean of Admissions, Law School

Policies for which Provost is Responsible Official

Student Academic Dishonesty
Appeal of Failing Grades (Graduate and Undergraduate)
Change of Enrollment (Undergraduate)
Removal of a Student from a Course for Disruptive Behavior
Canonical Statutes of Ecclesiastical Faculties
Constitution of the Academic Senate
Academic Senate
Membership in Consortia
Statement on Academic Freedom
Faculty Handbook Part II
Faculty Handbook Part III (many of these are in other areas)
Compensation from External Consulting
Sponsored Grants and Contracts
Research Misconduct

Copyright Ownership

Conflict of Commitment

Absence from Class: Intercollegiate Competitive Events or Artistic Performances

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Academic Regulations for Undergraduates

Enrollment: Undergraduate

Commencement and Honors

Grades and Academic Standing

Academic Transfer of Credit