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Responsibilities of Director of Sponsored Accounting

Federal Laws
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

48 C.F.R. Parts 1-99

These regulations establish uniform policies and procedures that individual government agencies may supplement with their own regulations. Parts of the FAR are incorporated into government solicitations and contracts by reference. Federal government contractors are required to establish and maintain internal controls and compliance programs to detect and prevent improper conduct in connection with the award or performance of government contracts; and to timely disclose to the applicable agency Office of Inspector General whenever in connection with the award, performance or close-out of a government contract or subcontract the contractor has credible evidence of a violation of federal criminal law involving fraud, conflict of interest, bribery or gratuity found in Title 18 of the U.S. Code, or a violation of the civil False Claims Act.

The Director of Grants and Contracts is responsible for accounting and billing under government grants/contracts and has general oversight of the numbers submitted. The Director of Grants and Contracts also works with the Purchasing Office to obtain quotes for expenditures under the grant, and ensures compliance with FAR purchasing regulations.

ARAA and Federal Acquisition Regulation Reporting Requirements, 74 Fed. Reg. 48971, Sept. 25, 2009

This notice affects Federal contractors who have contracts funded, in whole or in part, by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (''Recovery Act''), and include the FAR clause 52.204-11. Quarterly reports must be filed on the use of awarded federal funds. This notice is being provided to offer assistance to Federal contractors in understanding the centralized reporting requirements. Note the deadline for the first set of reports due has been extended until October 20 (and October 21 by some announcements). A one time registration is required before the school can submit reports. The Director of Grants and Contracts files these quarterly reports.

Acquisition Central: Web site for the government's business partners. Includes a link to the FAR.

Financial reporting under Circular A-110
The Director of Grants and Contracts will provide financial report formats and training to principal investigators or their designees for oversight of grant and contract funds. Specialized reports may be created upon principal investigator request. The Director of Grants and Contracts shall be responsible for the timely submission of financial and property reports to sponsors as required by the contract agreement. Technical reports are the sole responsibility of the principal investigator

OMB Circular A-133

Audits of Institutions of Higher Education and Other Non-Profit Institutions. This circular sets forth the audit standards for colleges and universities. The Controller works with the Director of Grants and Contracts with the outside auditors on the A-133 audit.

OMB Circular A-21

2 CFR Part 220

Cost Principles for Educational Institutions

Establishes cost accounting principles and specifies the allowability of costs. The Controller and the Director of Grants and Contracts make sure all costs are allowable.


Defense Contract Audit Agency Manual

A manual that is used by internal government auditors to monitor defense contracts. Chapter 13 covers contract audits at educational and nonprofit institutions.

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