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Responsibilities of the Environmental Health and Safety Program Manager

OSHA - Guarding and Use of Hand and Portable Powered Tools

The University is responsible for the safe condition and guarding of portable powered tools and equipment, including tools furnished by employees. Examples of such tools include saws, drills, drivers, sanders, grinders, pneumatic tools, and explosive fasteners.  Before use the operator must inspect the tool to determine that it is clean and that all moving parts operate freely and free from obstructions.  Tools must be inspected at regular intervals and repaired in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.  Tools that are found not to be in proper working order must be removed from service immediately. Tools must never be left unattended and where they are available to unauthorized persons.  All tools must be used with the shield, guard, or other safety attachments as recommended by the manufacturer. Operators must be safeguarded by means of eye protection and head and face protection where required by the particular working conditions.

The EHS Program Manager, working in conjunction with the Director of EH&S, is responsible for implementing and overseeing controls and procedures regarding use of hand and portable powered tools.

Reporting Occupational Injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires that employers with 11 or more employees report the total number of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred in the prior calendar year on OSHA Form 300 to the Department of Labor no later than April 30th.  A log of injuries also must be kept, but need not to be provided to the government.  While the University is a SIC Code 82 institution and thus exempt from this OSHA requirement, the University files a Form 300 to satisfy the annual survey for the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding occupational injuries and illnesses.

The EHS Program Manager, working in conjunction with the Director of EH&S, is responsible for maintaining job-related injury and illness data and for annual reporting.

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