The Catholic University of America

Responsibilities of the Director, Facilities Administration and Services

The Director, Facilities Administration and Services, is responsible for compliance with the following regulations:

D.C. - Elevator Certificates and Permits

District of Columbia regulations impose the following requirements:

Construction/Repair:  Prior to construction or repair of an elevator the University must obtain a permit from D.C. office of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.  The permit must be displayed on the premises until the work is completed.  

Use/Operation:  Payment of the required fee and issuance of a certificate for each elevator is required prior to that elevator being placed in service.  Certificates expire June 30th of each year. The fee must be paid by July 10th.  However, D.C. now issues certificates for a 2 year period. Certificates must be displayed in a frame, under glass, conspicuously in each car. 

The regulations apply to escalators, man lifts, invalid lifts, inclined lifts, dumb-waiters and moving walks. 

D.C. Litter Control Administration Act of 1985

The University must maintain in a clean condition each building, lot or land it has control of or occupies, including the public space from the property line extending 18” from the curb line into the abutting roadway.  Regulations apply to refuse of any kind (dirt, mud, gravel, ashes, trees, shavings, leaves, hay, paper, dead animals, etc.) and apply to vacant lots and alleys.

D.C. - Clearing Sidewalks of Snow and Ice

Within the first 8 hours of daylight after snow or sleet has ceased, the University must remove such snow or sleet from any public sidewalk that fronts or abuts any building or lot of land owned, leased or occupied by the University and which falls within the fire limits of D.C..  In the event the University fails to clear such sidewalks D.C. shall attempt to do so and charge the cost to the University.