The Catholic University of America



 University Statement on Unanticipated Closures


Student Services

The Catholic University of America has implemented a scheduling grid and tools to ensure that students receive the contact hours needed for the credits in courses.  Should an extended closure prevent students from receiving the appropriate instruction, a prorated refund could be approved for affected courses.  Additionally, Catholic University adheres to the state-specific refund policies for students in fully online programs.  See the  following University policies:

•   Refund of Student Charges Policy (

•   Home State Policy on Refunds (

•  Refund of Student Charges Policy (

The University would handle the issue through a cooperative effort between the Office of Student Accounts, the Office of Online Education, and/or the Provost's Office, depending on such circumstances as the cause of the closure, the location of the damage, the significance of the impact, and the students affected.

The Treasurer of the University certifies that the University maintains net liquid assets in reserve that are more than sufficient to refund paid monies or compensate persons who are determined to be eligible for such payment. 

Student Academic Records

The University maintains its academic records in secure, retrievable formats that are designed to withstand reasonably anticipated emergencies that might result in business interruption or closure.

The University maintains all such records in a student information system that can be accessed from any location, and maintains a template of its transcript paper with its supplier.  All student record data is contained and managed by the University’s Cardinal Student and Learning Management System which is backed up to both on-site and off-site locations.