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Responsibilities of the Project Manager, Facilities Maintenance and Operations

The Project Manager, Facilities Maintenance and Operations, is responsible for compliance with the following regulations:

D.C. - Boilers and Pressure Vessels - Permits, Inspection and Certificates

A permit from the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is required to install, erect, or move a boiler or pressure vessel. Inspection, as evidenced by a certificate of inspection is required before operation of a boiler or pressure vessel.  A separate certificate is required for each boiler, and the certificate must be enclosed in a glass covered frame and prominently displayed in the boiler room near the boiler.  All steam boilers operating at pressure of 15lbs/psi must be inspected annually within 15 days prior to expiration of the certificate. 

Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act

When performing any lead-based paint inspection, hazard screen, risk assessment or abatement, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified inspector must perform that activity in accordance with the testing, sampling and remediation requirements of the Act, and must prepare a report detailing the required steps undertaken for the activity.  All such reports must be maintained by the certified individual for 3 years.

D.C. - Elevator Inspections

Annually, the University must have car and counterweight safeties, governors and oil buffers inspected and tested by a qualified person and in the presence of a D.C. inspector.  Passenger and freight elevators, man lifts, and escalators must be inspected and tested every 4 months.  Hand elevators, sidewalk lifts, stage lifts and dumbwaiters must be inspected and tested every 6 months.  Inspection fees are determined in accordance with the Authorized Permit and Fee Schedule of D.C.'s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

D.C. Urban Forest Preservation Act of 2002

Any property owner seeking to cut down a tree with a circumference of more than 55 inches must either pay a $35 fee per inch or plant replacement trees of equal or greater circumference.

D.C. - Parking Lot License

D.C. requires a yearly license and fee for each parking lot the University operates.  Licenses expire on October 31st each year.  Fees are determined by the square footage of each lot.  Lots must be separated from public space by fencing and must have the requisite number of fire extinguishers based upon square footage (1 every 70 feet)  Anyone employed to park vehicles or supervise parking must have a parking attendant's license.

D.C. Litter Control Administration Act of 1985

The University must maintain in a clean condition each building, lot or land it has control of or occupies, including the public space from the property line extending 18” from the curb line into the abutting roadway.  Regulations apply to refuse of any kind (dirt, mud, gravel, ashes, trees, shavings, leaves, hay, paper, dead animals, etc.) and apply to vacant lots and alleys. 

D.C. - Clearing Sidewalks of Snow and Ice

Within the first 8 hours of daylight after snow or sleet has ceased, the University must remove such snow or sleet from any public sidewalk that fronts or abuts any building or lot of land owned, leased or occupied by the University and which falls within the fire limits of D.C..  In the event the University fails to clear such sidewalks D.C. shall attempt to do so and charge the cost to the University.

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